Decluttering with professional organizing specialists.

We offer an On-Line Course with complete and comprehensive instructions for the best and easiest way to declutter and organize your home.

Includes: Support and Personal Coaching with NAPO Certified Organizing Specialist Diann Higbee

"Diann's experience, Knowledge, wit, and strategies challenges you and propels you forward with optimism and hope to once and for all create the environment of home you have always envisioned.

- Libby Hargrove

Hi, I’m Diann Higbee

Having been totally frustrated with a non-walk-through-able basement for years I stumbled upon a method to finally get it cleaned up and organized quickly and permanently.

I've been helping other people do it ever since.

The only problem is, I had a long waiting list.

With my courses and personal coaching I can help everyone that needs it.